Front cover of Kalandra's magazine


Editorial design

An autobiographic magazine

Kalandra is an alternative Nordic pop band spearheaded by four musicians — Katrine, Jogeir, Florian and Oskar — weaving ethereal melodies into raw and eerie musical landscapes.

In the end of 2019 they contacted me to create a magazine to sum up the past year. 2019 proved to be an exciting year for Kalandra; from stumbling onto the filmset of the HBO Nordic series “Beforeigners”, composing two soundtracks for the series and going on tour as special guest for the renowned Norwegian goth-rock band, Seigmen.

Color palette collage from Kalandra's cover art

Most of the photographs for the magazine are in black and white, or highly desaturated. I wanted to introduce some color while still keeping the main focus on the pictures. I opted for a kind of black and white palette, but using light blue and dark brown. I drew inspiration for the palette from the artwork made by Kenneth Lien for the single The Waiting Game.

Presentation of the fonts Freight Big and Latienne which were used for the magazine

I had to find fonts that worked well with Kalandra's aesthetics, but still be legible. I found that the fonts Freight Big and Latienne created a wonderful dynamic together. A tight, modern serif font with high contrasts for the body text, and a bulky, organic serif for headlines and big fat drop caps.

A spread with a dark photo page and light text page A spread with a photo of band member Florian looking thoughtful

Since the texts are written by all members and aren't arranged in any sequence, I decided to use a running header to indicate who the author of the current page is. This allows the reader to read the magazine as one whole story instead of many small pieces of information.

Folded magazine only showing part of a black and white photograph A color photo covering a spread with a quote Folded magazine showing a black and white photograph with a light blue frame

All the text is written by the band members, and the photographs are taken by Anette Skutevik. You can buy the magazine at